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Mr. Leverett
Argument essay
Helping Endangered Penguins
Penguins have two colors that white and black those cover their body. Actually they have two wings. However, they can not fly they just make them balance when they walk. According to Defender of wildlife “Size The fairy penguin is the smallest of the penguin species at 16 inches tall. It weighs about 2.2 pounds. The largest penguin species is the emperor penguin, which is about 3.7 feet tall and weighs between 60 and 90 pounds” (N.d., para.2). Also, penguins eat krill, fish, and squid. The population of penguins have 11,564,000 pairs with highest population and lowest population is the endangered Galapagos penguin with 6,000-15,000 individuals (Defenders of wildlife (N.d.). actually penguins has been endangered and threatened for many years (Yoon, 2001). Serious problem is global warming that is first cause of make penguins is extinction. Also, habit tats that they live in will disappear. Many should care about penguins of extinction and make their habitats free of causes that extinction penguin.

There are reasons why penguins are extinction. Some of global warming that make temperature rising and make their habitats is warm. When temperature increase that means sea ice melted to water and make water’s level rising of sea ice that make weather and climate is warm. Another cause is human activities that affects of penguins’ habitats and produces some population. The last thing is important is teach people how can they care about penguins and attention to many causes endangered of penguins and which ways that help penguins stick of threatened and endangered.

First, the global warming considers is first problem of penguins. When temperature increase that mean weather and climate and affect of penguins because they need cold weather because they consider Antarctica animal (Jimenez-David, 2006). Also, Jimenez-David’s article, “Penguins and global warming,” she attention to sea level increase because global warming produces high temperature. According to Jimenez-David “AMONG THE MORE alarming consequences are raising sea levels, due to the rapid melting of the polar ice caps, including that in Antarctica. Gore displays photos of the shrinking ice masses, and rather scary computer projections of what coastal cities would look like if the ice caps continue to melt at their present rate”(2006,para.14).Also, addition if temperature continue to high the percentage of penguins decrease. So, people and important associations should prevent of global warming and find some solutions to help penguins stick of global warming.

Second, of course human activities consider cause to make penguins are extinct. Actually people consider member of causes that make penguins are extinction. For example, when they use car during drive to job or house that produce some smoke by burn fossil fuel that produces smoke. In this case, air pollution rising and produces high temperature that affect sea ice to melts (Eathguide, N.d.)Also, according to Lee-Chua“10 Ways to fight global warming,” the author said, “Reduce driving miles. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transport. Avoid commuting in rush hour to lessen traffic time and fuel burned” (2007, Para. 22) that mean people can not to stop using public transport because consider important for them. So, people and government should work together to stop using some gases that effect penguins’ environment.

Third, important to teach people some causes which affect of extinct penguins. Many countries should have some especially associations to explain people are member of causes extinct. For example, world wild life (WWF) which helps endangered animals and species to increase. Also, which teach people some important information about some effects of animals and species about global warming and human activities ((World Wild Life, n.d.)

Many people say global warming does not affect penguins. In fact it is not true, because global warming considers serious problem which affects of penguins’ environment. Global warming produces high temperature that makes sea ice melts. According to Lovgren’s (2004) article, “The biggest danger, many experts warn, is that global warming will cause sea levels to rise dramatically. Thermal expansion has already raised the oceans 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters)” (2004, para. 4). That global warming affect of sec ice to melts. Also, when sea level increase which means climate and weather are warm which not good to penguins because they need habitats are cool. So, global warming affect of penguins are extinct.

In conclusion, there are many global warming consider first danger problem of penguins because it produces high temperature. Other problem human activities which produce pollution and hunting. Something is important which helps endangered animals and species make some associations. So, people and government should work together stick of causes and find good solutions to help penguins of extinction.

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Mr. Leverett
Summary response # 1

Global warming affects of extinct penguins

In this article , "Antarctic warming to reduce animals at base of ecosystem, shift some penguin populations southward,” the author reports that global warming pushes penguin populations southward'. The auther Lyons as saing in the Antarctic peninsula has penguin populations that are migrating south and perhaps diminishinh. He said temperature is increasing and changing along the Antarctic Peninsula. Lyons was one of the researchers who cares about penguin’s extinction and reporting about global climate threat during the annual meeting in San Francisco. He said the decrease in sea ice shows drop in krill in the marine area that reduce resource for mammals and birds. He paid attention to global climate change in the Antarctic and the level of sea ice decrease along its margins.

There are affects of the reduction in number of penguins around the world. However, the article paid attention to one important effects of global warming. It considered this dangerous for penguins and penguins’ environment that they live in. There are many causes of global warming, reasons it has increased and ways it affect penguins. So, the article pays attention to some results of global warming and how it affects of climate and temperature. There are many reasons penguins are becoming extinct and reasons they are being reduced. So, the answer is because of global warming's increase or change, penguins’ poles becoming sea, and human activitiesthat affect global warming.

First, global warming's first effect is the extinction of penguins because it makes percentage of temperature increase that affect of penguins' area Of course when global warming changes that means it affects weather and climate change. So, when they change the temperature increases in the atmosphere and penguins’ environment. Some causes of global warming change are natural events and human activities. Natural events affect global warming by changing and making temperature increase, which has a dangerous effect on earth species. one results is the reduction of sea ice and increase in the sea level because temperature increases. Some examples of natural events that affect change of global warming are volcano, earthquake, and fire in forests. So, global warming is considered the cause of penguins' extinction and people and government should work together control its.

Second, the percentage of sea increase in pole of sea ice that means level of water in the pole increase of level sea ice. Of course penguins live in pole. However, when the temperature has increase in the sea ice, that means level of the sea increase s of level sea ice in pole so, it is dangerous for penguins because poles have melts and convert to water and percentage of ice sea decrease and change to water . Some effects of poles melting are that make they leave poles to a new area there the percentage of ice is stout and has some animals that penguins eat. Another effect of poles melting is that the population of penguins decreases. So, the fact is that global warming again affects the poles to melt, makes the sea level increase at the poles, and makes some problems for penguins’ population decreasing.

Third, the global warming change because some human activities. Of course when people produce some items by use nonrenewable resources by factors which affect of global warming to change temperature and the results affect of penguins’ environment. Actually human activities esteem causes of the ecosystem to change and temperature changes to high . For example pollution has air and water. So in this case the important thing is water pollution, because penguins live on in the Ice Sea and they are affected by the spread of oil on the oceans. For example, when container ships transfer oil to any country and it gets damage, oil spread, inside the sea or ocean. In this case, water changes and all species and plants die because of pollution. Another example of human activities when factories produce smoke by using resources; that makes air pollution. So, it affects global warming by air pollution and produces a change of temperature and affects the penguins. some Human activities affect of global warming to produce high percentage of temperature increase that affect of penguins’ population to decrease.

In conclusion, global warming, human activities, and Level water in sea rising in the poles by high temperature all them are reasons to make penguins extinction. Also, when poles melt and makes penguins migrate. The last effect human activities are one of effects of penguins extinction. When people use recourse natural they produce some pollution that affects the penguins’ environment. So, people and government are liable to care about penguins' extinction and work together to find some solutions to protect penguins of extinct.


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Mr. Leverett
Summary response#2

Penguins and Global Warming

In this article “Penguins and Global warming,” by Fred Foldvary, said global warming threatens the north and south polar regions. The global warming reduces some problems which trap penguins and make it difficult from them to travel to breeding and feeding areas. He points to temperature rising and pays attention to evidence of melting glaciers, which is there for anyone to see. He said the threats to survival of the penguins were oil spills, pollution, and predators, which were killing many penguins. He talked about main problem, the warming of the climate. Penguins are dying throughout the south hemisphere. He said penguins there have to swim ever longer distances to get food, and he talked about less of krill and small shrimp and how they are unable to live on sea ice that has melted. Penguins can live in warmer climate. Nevertheless, penguins everywhere are under pressure.

There many reasons in this article why penguins will become extinct. The author talked about some main problems which cause of penguins become extinct. The first problem is the change of global warming and how that change affects of penguins. When global warming changes of the pole the temperature rises some percentage affect sea ice, and as a result, there is exchange an ice shelves, melting ice, and snow creating huge cracks and caverns. For there reasons will penguins why become extinct because of global warming, ice shelves and melting ice, and pollution.

First, the main cause of penguins becoming extinction is global warming. According to Fred Foldvary ,(2007), when it changes, temperature rises and weather and climate gets warmer. Actually when temperature rises it not only affects penguins but also human, and other species. Temperature affects sea ice to melt which produces ice shelves and some holes inside the sea which is way to kill penguins. Some problems inside sea ice are obstacles of penguins to move and find food. So, global warming is the main problem of penguins becoming extinct and everybody should care about causes of global warming and its effect.

Second, when temperature rises this produces ice shelves and melting ice. According to Foldvary ( 2007), actually temperature does not affect outside sea ice. However, it affects the inside of sea ice without us being able to see or feel it. For example, in an exchange of sea ice, visual evidence of melting glaciers and melting ice and snow create hung cracks and caverns. The result of the effect of melting ice is that penguins can not travel to find food and look for breeding and feeding areas. Ice shelves and melting both threaten penguins’ live and become them extinct.

Third, pollution is considered of cause of penguins becoming extinct. According to Foldvary (2007) some pollution which affects s penguins includes oil spills in seas and oceans which change color and the taste of water. When sea ice has some pollution, this affects the ecosystem. Water pollution affects species and plants are killing them and when they die penguins can not live without them because they depend on species. Penguins can not swim and move in sea ice that has pollution because, the oil sticks on their skin and wards it is difficult to travel or fly around seas. Pollution causes of penguins become to extinct; human should care about the effects producing water pollution and how it is dangerous for penguins’ life.

In conclusion, there are many problems this article pays attention . However, main problem that the article talked about is global warming and how the effect of temperature of sea ice results in an exchange. Temperature rising which affect sea ice and produces shelves and melting ice. Pollution is considered one of similar situation problems which affect penguins and made them extinct, especially water pollution. All causes are reasons for penguins to become extinct and everyone is responsible to care about the safely of penguins’ life and find good solutions to stop causes of penguins becoming extinct.
Foldvary, F.E (2007) Penguins and global warming. The progress Report. Retrieved December 2, 2007 from http://www.progress.org/


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Many Americans like go to shopping. Some Americans like going to store that is famous and that has good goods and services. There are many stores in the United States that are beneficial and some of them have good advantages. However, some stores have one or two advantages; some of them have more than two advantages So, the store has the most advantages is Wal- Mart. Wal-Mart is beneficial sotuationbecause of three reasons, good financial, good services, and education.

First, Wal-Mart has good prices. According to Hoenig (2004), it has low prices so many people can go to it and buy any things they need to buy. For example, most products are cheap. If people need to buy bread, they can buy bread for one dollar with tax. Wal-Mart helps families that have limited income. For example, if they need one bottle of orange juice, they can find it for one dollar and fifty cents with tax. So, Wal-Mart has a good low price that helps people to save money.

Second, Wal-Mart has good services. According to USA TODAY (2003), Wal-Mart has workers who offer good services to help customers. For example, if people need to buy chicken and they do not have any idea how they can find chicken, people have two solutions. People should look at lines, or ask workers where they can find chicken. Another service is that people can return or exchange things. For example, if people need to buy shoes whose size is nine, however, they bought shoes that were eight, in this case, they can change the size from eight to nine. Wal-Mart’s good service helps people save time.

Third, Wal-Mart has a good advantage in education. Wal-Mart helps students to complete their education. For example, Wal-Mart gives students scholarships in colleges and universities if they have high school, and gives them a good chance after graduation like a good salary and health insurance. Another good advantage of education is if that people need work in it, they should have some information about a business major. For example, if people need to work in Wal-Mart they should study accounting because accounting has math, which helps them to account for products and prices. Another major is marketing; when people have information about marketing that helps them make a good advertisement whose color and style they need. Wal-Mart should look at people who have a good education; that makes it have a good reputation among its stores.

Many people say Wal-Mart is not beneficial. They say Wal-Mart has high costs which mean tax is high for customers. However, it is wrong. Wal-Mart is beneficial. Wal-Mart has low tax and price for customers. For example, if people need to buy one kilo of bananas it costs two dollars. Wal-Mart helps people save money. For example, if people need to buy a bottle of milk they can find it for three dollars with tax. Wal-Mart is beneficial and has good advantages.

In conclusion, every store has good advantages. However, some have good goods; others have good services. Wal-Mart has good goods and services. Wal-Mart is beneficial because it has low tax and prices, and we save money and time. Stores should emulate Wal-Mart and give people good goods and services. If stores emulate Wal-Mart the result will be low price, goods and services will be better.

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Mr. Leverett

Global warming threat tens millions of species

The article “global warning threat tens millions of species” by Shaoni Bhattacharya. Say many land, animals, and plants go extinctions because global warming increase. it takes about some kings of animals and plants will face extermination by global warming increase on earth. Some scientists take about causes of global warming and effects on animals and plants. They take about climate change and species move to new area. Scientists take about effects of broad conclusion and global warming on individual species. Some scientists make some attention to people and highest intergovernmental levels help to stop causes of global warming and find good solutions.

Many people have idea of climate and weather changes every year. However, some they do not have idea why climate and weather change. In case, they use a lot of resources nonrenewable such as fossil fuels, metallic, minerals and nonmetallic minerals by bad ways that makes temperature increase and climate and weather change. We know when people use kinds of gases that some pollution in air and weather by human activities. For example, burring coal, use fossil fuels, and deforestation. Results of gases when people use them by bad ways the temperature change and rise. The good ways to make global warming decrease and no change are environment is free of pollution, attention to population, good and high technology.

When environment does not have pollution that good way to make global warming decrease and not rise. Many people use resources nonrenembale that production some pollution of environment. Results of use resources when people use them. For example, when factories burning coral that product some smoke in climate and air. In this case, atmosphere, troposphere, and temperature change and rise and result is global warming. Environment should be free of pollution because it one reason affect situation global warming.

Population is one of reason that makes global warming change and rise. Every one need live in good area. However, if all people go to area that has a lot services and good economic in this case population increase. So, population has positive and negative some of positive help people to look jobs and give chances to some companies to exploit a lot of good things that population has. The negative of population percentage of people increase and they use resources of renewable and nonrenewable of environment Result is product pollution in air and water and temperature change to high. So, people should attention to population because is reason of global warming change.

Technology is important to help climate and weather does not have global warming. When people use high technology by good ways without use any technology that product pollution. So, atmosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere are free of pollution. For example, when people use some machines that have cells sun they do not product any pollution because machines do not use any gases. So, percentage of pollution is little of environment and temperature not change. Also, climate and weather are free of pollution. People should choose good technology that helps them to make environment is free of global warming.

In conclusion, global warming is dangers of people, animals, and plants. So, people and governments should work together to make environment is free of pollution because it product global warming. The good ways help people to make global warming decrease not rise environment is free of pollution, population decrease, and high technology does not product pollution. People and high intergovernmental levels should working hard to find good solutions.


Bhattacharya, S. (2004, Jan. 07). Global warming threatens millions of species. NewScientist.com. Retrieved October 16, 2007.